About WWF

WWF’s mission is to build a world where people live in harmony with nature.

In Romania, WWF has been working since 2006 to protect the wild environment in the Carpathian Mountains and along the Danube: protected areas, forests, brown bears, bisons, Danube Delta, sturgeons. In addition to all this, it stimulates the transition to a green economy and runs an environmental education programme for young people.

WWF Romania, Maramures Branch, part of WWF Romania, started nature conservation activities in Maramureș since 2003, the priority areas of intervention of the organization being the following: sustainable use of natural resources, (responsible management of forests), identification and protection of ecological corridors, monitoring of wildlife, the assessment of environmental services provided by forest and aquatic ecosystems, the development of local communities via sustainable use of natural resources. 👉 www.wwf.ro

About GeoMMed Professional Association

The association aims to regenerate and sustainably develop areas affected by structural changes. In Geommed’s understanding, the regeneration and sustainable development of mining communities is a continuous development based on renewable resources, efficiently managed for the benefit of and with the active participation of the communities.

The services and projects implemented by GeoMMed Professional Association have focused on initiatives related to environmental protection but also on actions to support the sustainable development of communities in Romania, encouraging the creation and development of cooperation in the field of environmental protection, ecology and biodiversity conservation and by developing strategies and plans for the sustainable regeneration of communities affected by industrial restructuring. 👉 www.cheilelapusului-natura2000.ro