Project summary

In Romania, strategic planning should be based on problems and solutions locally identified. This project aims for 2 NGOs to assume the active binding role between citizens and authorities by providing two participative instruments for strategic planning which will ensure citizen involvement and accountability of decisions.

These instruments usage (web platform and the mobile application E-Feedback) will be done within a Cooperation Platform framework committed through a Protocol signed by authorities, institutions and civil society representatives.

The functionality of the Instruments and Cooperation Platform will be put to test in Maramures county, as model representative area, by:

  • reviewing the existent Strategy for development of the natural patrimony in Maramures,

  • by developing a Study of impact and resources needed to implement the EU Strategy on biodiversity for 2030 based on a national replicable Methodology.

Participative Instruments will be promoted to the citizens by an itinerant Caravan in communities from MARAMURES County.

Direct project beneficiaries are the citizens of the county, sectoral authorities and political decision-makers but also civil society representative.

WWF Romania-Maramures Branch has a vast experience in promoting sustainable and inter-sectoral approach in local development. The partner, GeoMMed holds valuable expertise in strategic planning and development of cooperation for biodiversity conservation.


Objectives set by the end of the project:

  • The N2000 Maramures Platform will become the main instrument for influencing development policies at county level in order to ensure a sustainable development of Maramures county based on the responsible use of natural resources and by translating local visions into public policies at regional and/or national level.

  • The impact of the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 in the Maramures model representative area will be quantified, communicated and analyzed at regional and national level contributing to the improvement of sectoral strategic planning.

  • At least 545 people will be involved in decision-making processes and make use of citizen engagement tools facilitated by at least 2 NGOs with an assumed role as a link between citizens and decision-makers.

  • WWF – Maramures Branch and GeoMMed Association will assume the Secretariat of the Natura 2000 Maramures Cooperation Platform in order to ensure the sustainability at least in the medium term (minimum 5 years) of the active citizenship in Maramures and to empower decision makers and promote a sustainable, cross-sectoral approach to local development.